eDeriv Trading Solutions for the
Delta One Marketplace

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eDeriv Technologies provides an electronic, end-to-end execution and trade management solution that addresses the Delta One trading desk's biggest challenges. Those include information leakage and high trading costs, severe operational inefficiencies, and growing regulatory constraints. These issues ultimately dampen profitability and introduce significant operational and compliance risk.

eDeriv addresses these problems by introducing eDEX Crossing, a streamlined, electronic price-discovery mechanism and execution facility for equity swaps, EFPs, and bespoke products. Coupled with a suite of post-trade processing tools that dramatically reduces operational overhead, eDeriv helps Delta One trading desks focus on their primary goal: maximizing trading revenue.

The eDeriv platform, unique in its product class, dovetails easily into existing inter-dealer work-flows, allowing traders to gain significant benefit while changing little about how they currently do their job. eDeriv links seamlessly with internal risk and position systems via FIX/FpML, and feeds marketplace utilities such as MarkitSERV, EDRR, ACT, CME and ICE. Delta One traders may access the eDEX Crossing facility through eDeriv's own intuitive front-end trading platform or a FIX-based interface supporting programmatic order flow, so there is a limited technology resource commitment required by dealer banks. It's both easy to implement and easy to use.

We welcome the opportunity to provide a live demonstration of the eDeriv system and discuss how we might assist your Delta One trading business.